Arcade Pastel


These toys are made of natural wood, without the use of plywood or other gluing. A tree is always natural, unique and beautiful and there may be lines of a tree, small signs that indicate its uniqueness. This is a confirmation of quality and naturalness, not a defect.

Older children can build various beautiful and interesting structures using this wooden toy forklift, such as pyramids, garages for toy cars, tunnels for a toy railway, bridges, toy animal houses.

It is a handmade wooden toy (made in Romania from maple wood), colored with 100% NON-toxic paints

Wooden Arcade Toy from BumbuToys is composed of 6 elements.

Dimensions approx: 6 x 5.5 inches

The toy can be used in Montessori and Waldorf activities.

Recommended for children age 3 year old+

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