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Join us in a burst of color as we commemorate the vibrant journey of our 4th store anniversary with ColorFest! It's time for young artists to pick up their brushes, crayons, and markers, and bring their imagination to life. Our coloring contest is an invitation for children to unleash their creativity, adding their personal touch to a specially crafted coloring page designed to celebrate this milestone. Winner will be announce on our Instagram after June 22nd, Prize:; $50 Gift Card to our store.

1. Print-at-Home Convenience: Parents can easily download (avoid screenshot as the resolution will be lower and proceed to checking out this product for free to download) and print the coloring page from our website, bringing the creative fun directly into their homes. No need to wait in lines or worry about availability; the joy of coloring is just a click away.

2. Unleash Creativity: Encourage children to explore their artistic talents by coloring our anniversary-themed page. From swirling patterns to playful designs, there are endless possibilities to make each masterpiece unique.

3.Multiple Submission Options: Completed coloring pages can be submitted conveniently via email or in person at our Summer Party on June 22nd. Whether through digital means or dropping off in person, every artwork will be warmly received and celebrated.

4. Community Celebration: Our Summer Party serves as the ultimate gathering for families to come together and celebrate. Alongside submitting their artworks, children can enjoy a day filled with entertainment, games, and treats, creating cherished memories with friends and family.

How to Participate:

1. Download: download and print the specially designed coloring page.
2. Color: Let creativity run wild! Use any coloring materials to bring the page to life.
3. Submit: Email the completed coloring page to [email address] or drop it off at our Summer Party on June 22nd.
4. Celebrate: Join us at the Summer Party for a day of fun-filled festivities and community spirit!

Open to Canadian residents only

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Colouring Contest
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