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Farmer and Golden Egg

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All puzzle pieces are cut from a single piece of birch and hand-painted by our artists!The details are full-fledged game material with which you can come up with any plot games, not necessarily tied to a fairy tale. During these games, the child develops imagination, social skills and speech.

The paint does not completely cover the tree, the child feels its structure, for the development of the sense of touch, the surfaces must be heterogeneous.

 You can arrange a whole imaginary performance for your child. Each cat has its own character. The cute cat family will help you come up with and tell many fairy tales about family values ​​and friendship! Let your child come up with a name for each cat and his own fairy tale.

The puzzle game teaches children responsibility and accuracy: it is important not to forget to collect the puzzle at the end of the game, putting all the characters in their places.

Children are pleased to play with the details of the composition - all the edges are smoothed, but at the same time, children's fingers feel the pleasant, slightly rough texture of the wood.

For children from three years old.

Base, dimensions - 19 * 14 cm, wood thickness 2 cm

Hand painted with non-toxic paint.

Made in Russia

Warning! Chocking hazard. The toy contains small parts!

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