Goodnight Sweetheart (Face/Body butter) (2oz)


We've been told this skin butter is better than Botox- and guess what? No injections & it's natural. We recommend to apply this baby at night time, although we've had customers use it all day long! So why at night? Well, we are prone to touching our face, wiping our face or need to step out with a little makeup/touch up. We recommend using this product at night because you're less likely to touch your face. The combination of herbal oils, raw butters, green french clay, seaweed powder & dead sea salts work their way into your skin and absorb slowly overtime; helping to penetrate skin circulation, elasticity and hours on end moisture.


Ingredients: Shea butter. Cocoa butter. Babassu butter. Mango butter. Hemp butter. Avocado butter. Olive oil. Castor oil. Chamomile oil. Apricot oil. Flax seed oil. Organic beeswax. Dead sea salts. Green french clay. Seaweed powder. Lemon essential oil. Rosemary oil. Lavender oil. Rosehip oil. Vitamin E. Aloe vera.

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