Moulin Roty

Les Baba Bou - lion, big (60cm)


Meet the soft and gentle ... Baba Bou! In collaboration with Cécile Blindermann, this new herd of animals includes fun and timeless characters which are sure to become playmates for years and years. A bear, a lion and an elephant: three instantly recognisable animals to hide under the duvet, side by side or higgledy-piggledy. Their long, easy-grip paws bend in all directions, their bodies are soft for cuddling baby, and their textured fur stimulates the sense of touch for early learning. They conjure up a dash of nostalgia, as if they were shaped by time like traditional soft toys. A WORD FROM THE DESIGNER: “Six new large and small characters, parents and little ones, just like real soft toys. Little friends to grab by the paws and take everywhere with you, ready to be hugged, squashed or wrapped around you. We have made them super soft so they can cuddle even the youngest of children.”

Longues pattes et poils tout doux, voici les Baba Bou. En collaboration avec Cécile Blindermann, cette nouvelle troupe d’animaux rassemble des personnages intemporels et ludiques, à adopter pour de longes années…Un ours, un lion, un éléphant, trois animaux reconnaissables au premier coup d’oeil, que l’on a envie de placer dans son lit, côté à côté ou les uns sur les autres. Leurs pattes longues faciles à attraper se tordent dans tous les sens, leurs corps sont souples pour venir caliner bébé, et leurs pélages textures viendront stimuler son éveil au toucher. Ils nous apportent ce petit grain de nostalgie, comme modèles par le temps, a l’image d’un vrai doudou…

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