Little Rae Goods

Little Rae Goods - Wild Child Program


Little Rae Goods (LRG) Wild Child Program

Please read description carefully as spaces are limited.

This program is available (1 per family).

Program start date: April 2023

This program is aimed to encourage children to connect with nature through a series of outdoor activities. This year we are only accepting 19 children, so please only apply one spot per family to allow more families to join.

In April, your child(ren) will receive a welcome letter and instruction on how to complete the first quest. Please ensure you complete the order form under their name, so the letter can be addressed to them. The letters will be shipped by snail mail, so please be patient. 

Once the child(ren) complete the quest, please post a picture and tag us on Instagram. Private Instagram accounts need to send us a screen shot. We will mark the quest complete upon receiving the photo(s) and send your child(ren) an enamel pin (1 per family) with the next quest.

Once all 5 pins are collected, your child(ren) will receive the final Little Rae Goods Wild Child Enamel Pin (1 per family).

It is possible to skip a quest, but to obtain the final LRG pin, your child would need to complete all quests.

There is no schedule on when each quest need to be completed, but in order to receive the LRG Wild child pin, your child would need to complete all quests by July 1, 2023.

In order to allow many families to participate, we will only issue one pin/per quest/per family. If you have more than one child, they are more than welcome to complete the quests together and share the pins.



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