Music - Piano, White


18-key white piano with partitions. Piano measures 30 x 30 x 25 cm. Dimensions of the box 36 x 35 x 31 cm.  Vilac pianos should be tuned and maintained by a skilled music instrument technician.

PIANO BLANC 18 TOUCHES AVEC PARTITIONS: Un élégant piano 18 touches qui s'inscrit dans une gamme complète d'instruments de musiques blancs : Grand piano, petit piano, guitare, flûte et maracas.

To ensure a long-lasting and enjoyable musical experience, please see the following notes:

• Please ensure the piano is set up away from sources of heat as this will dry out the wood inner workings.

• To clean the surface of the piano, use a damp cloth with the smallest bit of mild soap.

• To vacuum the keys, please use a soft bristled head on the end of the vacuum hose.

• Your piano tune can be adjusted over time by contacting a local piano tuner or piano tuner technician.

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