Set of Musical Instruments


Hearing is a baby's most acute sense while still developing in the womb. Until the age of 1, the infant is actively listening and starts to make simple sounds. They gradually enrich their vocabulary until they know and can pronounce about 1,000 words around 2 years old! From the age of 3, they begin to form simple sentences with an increasingly elaborate vocabulary. Music is also a source of multiple learning: it allows children to compare sounds, to understand the link between melody and rhythm, to develop their imagination and creativity by producing sounds, to explore slow or fast rhythms, soft or loud sounds, etc. Our range of toy musical instruments is designed to introduce children to listening to and producing sounds and rhythms, and also to allow them to play like grown-ups until they are old enough (around 7 years of age) to start learning a real musical instrument with the appropriate equipment and teaching methods.

Wooden rainbow music set by VILAC includes a metallophone, a triangle, a maraca and a wooden tambourine. Beautifully illustrated by Andy Westface. Box measures approximately 27 x 25 x 6 cm. Safety rated for ages 3+.

Il est composé d'un métallophone, d'un triangle, d'une maracas et d'un tambourin. Formidables supports pour initier les petits dès 3 ans aux joies des percussions, des mélodies et du rythme, ils leur permettent de développer leur écoute et leur créativité. En avant la musique, que le spectacle commence !!! • Un métallophone en bois et métal. • Un triangle en métal. • Une maracas en bois. • Un tambourin en bois.

Safety rated for ages 3+.

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