Beadie Bug

Stella Steggy

$13.00 $25.00

Stella is 2 tons of herbivorous fun.  Her brain may be the size of a ping-pong ball but there's still a lot to love. 

Stella is what we like to call 2.5d: shaped on one side and flat on the other.  She stands proudly in a small world set-up and lays flat in a play tray.  She is made from sustainably-sourced premium pine, machined, hand-finished, laser-engraved and sealed with beeswax wood balm.  She is designed and made by Beadie Bug Play in Adelaide, South Australia.

Stella pairs nicely with our dinosaur playdough stamps and bio cutters.  Why not go all out and grab a dino trinket tray while you're at it?

Dimensions: L 14cm, W 8cm, H 1.8cm

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