Brooke Davis

Your Wild Child: more nature play activities for kids-HC


 More than 20 Nature Play Activities to help 2-12 year olds connect with nature. Simple instructions with 150 beautiful full colour photos.

Full of new and interesting nature-based activities, this book is suited to slightly older kids as well as young ones who have a helping hand.

With this book, you can help kids play independently with nature, and discover ways to bring nature indoors - great for those times when you're stuck inside.

This book is perfect for parents, grandparents, early years and primary teachers and home schoolers, as well as great for camping and school holiday play ideas.

Activities can be adapted to suit your children's age and interest. While some activities may require adult assistance for younger children, there are often alternatives on how you can provide a more or less challenging activity.

Activities are open-ended, adaptable to suit your location, require minimal craft supplies and are inexpensive.

Activities are also perfect for boosting creativity, problem solving and persistence, while nature play improves fine motor skills, physical strength and coordination.

Inside the book you will find more than 20 nature play activities that are practical and easy to do, including:

  • Leaf crowns
  • Nature wings
  • Boats and rafts
  • Stick frames
  • Nature weaving
  • Bug journal
  • Pick up sticks
  • Light catcher
  • Leaf art and many more.

Why you'll love this book:

  •  More than 20 Nature Play Activities to help 2-12 year olds connect with nature.
  • · Includes some slightly more advanced activities than Your Wild Imagination, such as Nature Wings and Stick Frames.
  • · Simple instructions with 150 beautiful full colour photos.
  • · Makes the perfect unique gift for kids, grandkids, teachers and parents alike.
  • · Great for taking camping or keeping kids entertained in the school holidays.

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