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Dolls & Accessories

Dolls & Accessories

Welcome to your one-stop destination for the most enchanting doll and doll accessories collection! Step into a world of whimsy and delight as we present an exquisite range of dolls and accessories that will spark your child's imagination and bring joy to their playtime.

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Afternoon Treat. Mouse- Purple MadelainAfternoon Treat. Mouse- Purple Madelain
Sold outAfternoon Treat. Mouse- Merle
Save $16.50Wedding Mice Couple in BoxWedding Mice Couple in Box
Wedding Mice Couple in Box Sale price$80.00 Regular price$96.50
Sold outBathrobe - CoralBathrobe - Coral
Bathrobe - Coral Sale price$24.00
Waiter mouseWaiter mouse
Waiter mouse Sale price$37.65
Sold outMacarons et chocolat chaudMacarons et chocolat chaud
Sold outMiniature rug, striped
Miniature rug, striped Sale price$8.07
Nightgown, Little sister mouseNightgown, Little sister mouse
Sold outBeach set for big sister mouseBeach set for big sister mouse
Save $10.00Garland - RoseGarland - Rose
Garland - Rose Sale price$36.00 Regular price$46.00
Sold outBig sister mouse in matchboxBig sister mouse in matchbox
Big brother mouse in matchboxBig brother mouse in matchbox
Sold outCarrycot, Large - Off whiteCarrycot, Large - Off white
Carrycot, MicroCarrycot, Micro
Carrycot, Micro Sale price$28.00
Sold outCarrycot, Baby mouseCarrycot, Baby mouse
Carrycot, Baby mouse Sale price$24.00
Happy camper tentHappy camper tent
Happy camper tent Sale price$64.00
Sold outMouse car - Dark GreenMouse car - Dark Green
Mouse car - Dark Green Sale price$51.00
Silas Blue Caterpillar
Silas Blue Caterpillar Sale price$17.68
Save $4.25Check-up NotepadCheck-up Notepad
Check-up Notepad Sale price$12.00 Regular price$16.25
Save $7.25Barber Shop Pretend Play Notepad
Barber Shop Pretend Play Notepad Sale price$9.00 Regular price$16.25
Save $3.25Hair Salon Pretend Play Notepad
Hair Salon Pretend Play Notepad Sale price$13.00 Regular price$16.25
Save $3.25Nail Salon Pretend Play Notepad
Nail Salon Pretend Play Notepad Sale price$13.00 Regular price$16.25
Sold outDoll Nursery SetDoll Nursery Set
Doll Nursery Set Sale price$53.00
Sold outShelby SnailShelby Snail
Shelby Snail Sale price$16.50
Sold outVoyage D'Olga - Goose Soft Toy, Blue, Yellow, Grey(23 cm)Voyage D'Olga - Goose Soft Toy, Blue, Yellow, Grey(23 cm)
Beach Little BrotherBeach Little Brother
Beach Little Brother Sale price$45.50
Sold outBeach set - Shovel, bucket & shellsBeach set - Shovel, bucket & shells
Save $17.00Cozy Dinkum-Lion
Cozy Dinkum-Lion Sale price$58.00 Regular price$75.00
Sold outMiniature mirrorMiniature mirror
Miniature mirror Sale price$16.30
Sold outBroom setBroom set
Broom set Sale price$19.00
Nuage Sheep Muslin Cuddle ToyNuage Sheep Muslin Cuddle Toy
Save $3.00Brume Mouse Muslin Cuddle ToyBrume Mouse Muslin Cuddle Toy
Brume Mouse Muslin Cuddle Toy Sale price$29.00 Regular price$32.00
Sold outVintage bed, Mouse - MintVintage bed, Mouse - Mint
Vintage bed, Mouse - Mint Sale price$49.00
Mini Blue JayMini Blue Jay
Mini Blue Jay Sale price$14.50
Sold outFunky ChickenFunky Chicken
Funky Chicken Sale price$29.00
Chef clothes for mouseChef clothes for mouse
Chef clothes for mouse Sale price$20.89
Octopus, Small Soft ToyOctopus, Small Soft Toy
Octopus, Small Soft Toy Sale price$50.00
Sold outMagnetic - Chloes DressingMagnetic - Chloes Dressing
Sold outSofa bedSofa bed
Sofa bed Sale price$51.00
Sink dresser w. mirror, Mouse - Dark powderSink dresser w. mirror, Mouse - Dark powder
Sold outHigh chair, Mouse - Off whiteHigh chair, Mouse - Off white
Sold outSleepy/wakey baby mouse in matchbox - RoseSleepy/wakey baby mouse in matchbox - Rose
Sold outMaileg - Super Hero Mouse, Little Brother in MatchboxMaileg - Super Hero Mouse, Little Brother in Matchbox
Knitted sweater and pants for big brother mouseKnitted sweater and pants for big brother mouse
Sold outBed, Mouse - Off whiteBed, Mouse - Off white
Bed, Mouse - Off white Sale price$64.50
Sold outVintage floor lamp, Small - Dark powderVintage floor lamp, Small - Dark powder
Sold outMiniature floor lamp - AnthraciteMiniature floor lamp - Anthracite
Sold outVintage bed, Mouse - RoseVintage bed, Mouse - Rose
Vintage bed, Mouse - Rose Sale price$49.00