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New Arrivals

Experience the wonder of Little Rae Goods' New Arrival Collection. Unveil a world of fresh, captivating toys and accessories that will spark joy and creativity in your child's playtime. From enchanting dolls to imaginative playsets, discover the perfect addition to your little one's toy collection. Shop now and embrace the excitement of new adventures!

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eco-dough Rollereco-dough Roller
eco-dough Roller Sale price$8.50
eco-dough cookie cutterseco-dough cookie cutters
eco-dough cookie cutters Sale price$8.50
Petite Ecole De Danse - Large Activity MousePetite Ecole De Danse - Large Activity Mouse
Mouse Wooden Ring RattleMouse Wooden Ring Rattle
Mouse Wooden Ring Rattle Sale price$25.00
Parisiennes - Colouring BookParisiennes - Colouring Book
Seven Little Mice 3 Discs For Storybook TorchSeven Little Mice 3 Discs For Storybook Torch
Aventures de Paulie - Sensory PuzzleAventures de Paulie - Sensory Puzzle
Candyvan Ice CreamCandyvan Ice Cream
Candyvan Ice Cream Sale price$28.00
Americana CandycabAmericana Candycab
Americana Candycab Sale price$40.00
Erupting Beetanical Potion Play
African Tree with Support
African Tree with Support Sale price$75.00
People - Startaler
People - Startaler Sale price$32.00
Stage CoachStage Coach
Stage Coach Sale price$155.00
Raccoon Small
Raccoon Small Sale price$24.00
Raccoon Sitting
Raccoon Sitting Sale price$28.00
Raccoon RunningRaccoon Running
Raccoon Running Sale price$28.00
Sold outBeaver lying
Beaver lying Sale price$23.00
Sold outBeaver Sitting
Beaver Sitting Sale price$23.00
Hen white up
Hen white up Sale price$20.00
Cat Small Head Up
Cat Small Head Up Sale price$22.00
Sold outPony - Shetland Foal
Pony - Shetland Foal Sale price$38.00
Sold outPony
Pony - Shetland Standing Sale price$38.00
Horse - Heavy Draft
Horse - Heavy Draft Sale price$48.00
Dalmation Sale price$28.00
People - Shepherd Lying
People - Shepherd Lying Sale price$65.00
Sold outPeople- Hunter
People- Hunter Sale price$42.00
People- Princess For Frog King
Sold outDwarf Amethyst
Dwarf Amethyst Sale price$25.00
Sold outDwarf Rose Quartz
Dwarf Rose Quartz Sale price$25.00
Sold outDwarf Ruby
Dwarf Ruby Sale price$25.00
Sold outDwarf Crystal
Dwarf Crystal Sale price$25.00
People-Princes Sale price$49.00
People-Princess Sale price$46.00
Sold outDolphin High
Dolphin High Sale price$31.00
Monkey Sale price$21.00
Ostrich Sale price$29.00
Sold outSea Otter Running
Sea Otter Running Sale price$23.00
Sold outEagle Owl
Eagle Owl Sale price$25.00
Swan Sale price$30.00
Peacock Sale price$50.00
Fagus Vehicles - Classic Tractor
Fagus Vehicles - Basic Truck UnimogFagus Vehicles - Basic Truck Unimog
Fagus Crafts - Small Bead Weaving Loom
Fagus Crafts - Graffiti Knitter
Gold Rush Sensory Base
Gold Rush Sensory Base Sale price$9.00
Oysters & Pearls Sensory Base
Pastel Stars Sensory Base
Pastel Stars Sensory Base Sale price$10.90
Mythical Seas Playdough
Mythical Seas Playdough Sale price$11.00