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Animals & Figurines

Animals & Figurines

Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment with Little Rae Goods' Animal and Figurines Collection. Delight in the magic of meticulously crafted, whimsical creatures and captivating figurines that ignite the imagination of young and old alike. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to spark joy and wonder, making it the perfect addition to any collection or a cherished gift for loved ones. Explore our diverse range of handpicked treasures and bring a touch of fantasy into your life today!

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African Tree with Support
African Tree with Support Sale price$75.00
People - Startaler
People - Startaler Sale price$32.00
Stage CoachStage Coach
Stage Coach Sale price$155.00
Raccoon Small
Raccoon Small Sale price$24.00
Raccoon Sitting
Raccoon Sitting Sale price$28.00
Raccoon RunningRaccoon Running
Raccoon Running Sale price$28.00
Beaver lying
Beaver lying Sale price$23.00
Beaver Sitting
Beaver Sitting Sale price$23.00
Hen white up
Hen white up Sale price$20.00
Cat Small Head Up
Cat Small Head Up Sale price$22.00
Pony - Shetland Foal
Pony - Shetland Foal Sale price$38.00
Pony - Shetland Standing Sale price$38.00
Horse - Heavy Draft
Horse - Heavy Draft Sale price$48.00
Dalmation Sale price$28.00
People - Shepherd Lying
People - Shepherd Lying Sale price$65.00
People- Hunter
People- Hunter Sale price$42.00
People- Princess For Frog King
Dwarf Amethyst
Dwarf Amethyst Sale price$25.00
Sold outDwarf Rose Quartz
Dwarf Rose Quartz Sale price$25.00
Sold outDwarf Ruby
Dwarf Ruby Sale price$25.00
Dwarf Crystal
Dwarf Crystal Sale price$25.00
People-Princes Sale price$49.00
People-Princess Sale price$46.00
Dolphin High
Dolphin High Sale price$31.00
Monkey Sale price$21.00
Ostrich Sale price$29.00
Sea Otter Running
Sea Otter Running Sale price$23.00
Eagle Owl
Eagle Owl Sale price$25.00
Swan Sale price$30.00
Peacock Sale price$50.00
People - BeggarPeople - Beggar
People - Beggar Sale price$56.00
Sea Lion resting
Sea Lion resting Sale price$29.00
Sea Lion Head Low
Sea Lion Head Low Sale price$30.00
Duck MaleDuck Male
Duck Male Sale price$25.00
Sold outFox RunningFox Running
Fox Running Sale price$24.00
Elephant Small TrumpetingElephant Small Trumpeting
Elephant Small Trumpeting Sale price$28.00
Rainbow Circus SetRainbow Circus Set
Rainbow Circus Set Sale price$220.00
Wolf - Howling
Wolf - Howling Sale price$28.00
Tiger Sitting
Tiger Sitting Sale price$40.00
Sold outSquirrel Running
Squirrel Running Sale price$20.00
Pig - Spotted Piglet Sitting
Penguin Small
Penguin Small Sale price$19.00
Penguin Head Down
Penguin Head Down Sale price$24.00
Sold outOwl Blue
Owl Blue Sale price$19.00
Frog Sitting
Frog Sitting Sale price$18.00
People - Noah (Limited)
People - Noah (Limited) Sale price$50.00
People - Dwarf Emerald (Limited)
People - Dwarf Aquamrine (Limited)