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Activities & Games

Activities & Games

Unleash the fun with Little Rae Goods' Activities and Games Collection. Dive into a world of laughter and entertainment with our exciting range of games and engaging activities for kids of all ages. From interactive board games to outdoor play sets, our collection promises endless hours of joy and bonding with family and friends. Elevate playtime and shop now to create unforgettable memories filled with laughter and excitement!

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Wood Mandala Honeycombs 36 pcsWood Mandala Honeycombs 36 pcs
Sold outTool Box Set LargeTool Box Set Large
Tool Box Set Large Sale price$90.00
Sold outMusical Lion 28cm
Musical Lion 28cm Sale price$59.00
Sold outMy First Outdoor Book
My First Outdoor Book Sale price$15.95
Sold outWood Mandala Rainbow Eggs 36pcsWood Mandala Rainbow Eggs 36pcs
Sold outTouch and Feel Puzzle, JungleTouch and Feel Puzzle, Jungle
Save $57.50Festive Friends 24 Pocket Advent CalendarFestive Friends 24 Pocket Advent Calendar
Festive Friends 24 Pocket Advent Calendar Sale price$50.50 Regular price$108.00
Sold outNesting Cubes, AnimalsNesting Cubes, Animals
Nesting Cubes, Animals Sale price$33.00
Sold outMemory Game - Nathalie Ouederni WildlifeMemory Game - Nathalie Ouederni Wildlife
Sold outIndoor Scavenger Hunt BoardIndoor Scavenger Hunt Board
Sold outFarm with Animals Shape SorterFarm with Animals Shape Sorter
Sold outJumbo Counting TraysJumbo Counting Trays
Jumbo Counting Trays Sale price$82.00
Sold outSave $10.00Memory Game: what have fallen from the tree 2 (14 pairs)
Sold outWood Mandala Snowflakes 36pcsWood Mandala Snowflakes 36pcs
Wooden finger counting cards
Wood Baby Sticks 12pcsWood Baby Sticks 12pcs
Wood Baby Sticks 12pcs Sale price$32.00
Sold outWood Coloured Stick Gnomes 18 pcsWood Coloured Stick Gnomes 18 pcs
Sold outWood Mandala Stones 36 pcs (Greys)Wood Mandala Stones 36 pcs (Greys)
Sold outWood Mandala Three Fires 36 pcs (Reds)Wood Mandala Three Fires 36 pcs (Reds)
Sold outWood Mandala Eggs 36 pcs (Purples)Wood Mandala Eggs 36 pcs (Purples)
Sold outWood Mandala Pineapples 36pcsWood Mandala Pineapples 36pcs
Wood Mandala Cones 36 pcs (Green)Wood Mandala Cones 36 pcs (Green)
Sold outFlower PressFlower Press
Flower Press Sale price$30.00
Word Building Kit - 40 Lowercase LettersWord Building Kit - 40 Lowercase Letters
Sold outWriting and Counting TraysWriting and Counting Trays
Sold outSave $7.89Sea Life DominosSea Life Dominos
Sea Life Dominos Sale price$25.00 Regular price$32.89
Coconut Shell Water ScoopCoconut Shell Water Scoop
Coconut Shell Water Scoop Sale price$25.00
Save $9.60Dinosaur Magnets - 28 PcsDinosaur Magnets - 28 Pcs
Dinosaur Magnets - 28 Pcs Sale price$19.90 Regular price$29.50
Sold outSave $18.00Bug Magnet - 14 pcsBug Magnet - 14 pcs
Bug Magnet - 14 pcs Sale price$10.00 Regular price$28.00
Sold outSave $8.50Space Theme Magnets - Set of 28
Space Theme Magnets - Set of 28 Sale price$19.50 Regular price$28.00
Save $35.89Dinosaurs - Ecosystem RangeDinosaurs - Ecosystem Range
Dinosaurs - Ecosystem Range Sale price$8.00 Regular price$43.89
Save $11.00Bamboo NumbersBamboo Numbers
Bamboo Numbers Sale price$39.00 Regular price$50.00
Little Rae Goods Gift Card
Little Rae Goods Gift Card Sale priceFrom $15.00