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Felt Jade Succulent Plant with Lokta Paper Pot

$9.81 $13.58

Felt Green Jade Succulents with Lokta paper pots are unique handmade decorations that combine beauty of natural wool felt with the artistry of handmade paper crafts. These handmade decorations offer a fun way to bring a touch of nature into your play or workspace, without the need for watering or maintenance.

Felted succulents with Lokta paper pots are also eco-friendly and sustainable. The Lokta paper used to make the pots is a renewable resource that is sustainably harvested in the Himalayan mountains.

Product Details

  • Ethically hand-felted from 100% New Zealand wool
  • Coloured with azo-free dye, safe for children and pets
  • Height: 14.5cm
  • Width: 7cm
  • Weight: 50g

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