Beadie Bug

Sven Seahorse

$13.61 $18.90

Sven inhabits tropical and temperate coastal waters and enjoys a good courtship dance with his lady love.  He also takes on pregnancy and birth; releasing up to 2000 fry at a time.  What a guy.

Sven is what we like to call 2.5d: shaped on one side and flat on the other.  He can be used in a small world set-up or lay flat in a play tray.  Sven is made from sustainably-sourced premium pine, machined, hand-finished, laser-engraved and sealed with beeswax wood balm.  Sven is designed and made by Beadie Bug Play in Adelaide, South Australia.

Dimensions: L 15.2cm, W 6.5cm, H 1.7cm

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