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This beautiful musical toy instrument will awaken your little one to music and develop their sense of rhythm! This 8 keys kids drum is designed for whom new to music, it is easy to learn, and it sounds beautiful from the first moment you play it (just like the xylophone!).

Each 6 inch Steel Tongue Drum comes with a pair of sticks and a Music Notes (5 kid’s songs included), which is a playful, unique gift for any occasion.

Also, we found us parents loves it too! These instruments have the power to lower stress. As you play, you’ll find yourself becoming more calm and relaxed. The drum’s soothing rhythm can take you to a peaceful mood, helping you to let go of any worries or tension. They’re perfect for meditation, yoga, sound therapy, hiking, camping, beach days, or just for making music.

Age Recommendation: 3+ year old kids

Material: Steel Titanium Alloy
Size: 6 inch