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Your child will love learning and practicing yoga with these fun, hands on wooden yoga cards. Each set contains 30 wooden discs that have been laser engraved with child friendly yoga poses. Created on larger discs than our standard alphabet and memory matching games, these durable wooden discs are easy for children to look at and copy the pose while both sitting and standing.

• Take turns pulling a disc out of the bag and have fun showing each other how to do the pose. Practice taking a few big breaths in the pose before moving on to the next person.
• Create a string or flow of poses and place them in your favourite order on your yoga mat or the floor. Start with the first pose and take a few breaths in each before moving on to the next pose in your sequence.
• Group the poses by type - balance, stretching, strength, fun, meditation, etc
• Use your imagination and create your own games!

• Thirty 2" x 1/4" thick round Hardwood discs
• One 5x8" Cotton Drawstring Bag

• Yoga poses and names permanently laser engraved into the wooden discs
• Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag perfect for gift giving and storage

Sale price$44.00
Yoga Discs
Yoga Discs Sale price$44.00